Residential Door Replacement - Entry, French, Sliding Patio and Multi-Panel Doors

So Many Choices in Doors
Seattle door replacementWhen it comes to doors, almost anything goes. There are so many choices and styles in just what material the doors are made of it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming: 
  • Wood 
  • Fiberglass
  • Aluminium-clad
  • Metal
  • Vinyl
And then there are the choices in door styles and types! Window Defoggers can help you choose what kind of door is best for your situation, and whether you want an outswing or inswing door, sliding door, French doors (or sliding French doors), multi-panel, interior, exterior or front entry doors. From plain jane interior doors to fancy wood and leaded glass entry doors, we  install them all.
Seattle door replacement"Doors are style focal points and significantly impact the value, comfort and useability of a home, so choosing the right door for the right location and purpose is vital!"
Door Manufacturers
We sell and install doors from a variety of manufacturers, depending on type and location of the door. Generally, we tend to prefer Windsor, Lindal and Simpson doors, but we can install doors from any other manufacturer if you have a strong preference.

Types of Doors
Check out the types of doors in the typical home in the pictures below. Note that these are just the usual types of doors found in most homes. There are many more options than shown here!

Inswing French Door
Clad Sliding Door
Vinyl Sliding Patio Door
residential door installation
Pinnacle Wood Clad sliding patio doors by Windsor
vinyl patio door replacement

Entry Door
Interior Door
Multi-Panel Door
residential entry door installation
Interior door installation
Bellevue WA door replacement

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