Aluminum Window Condensation Repair

Do You Have Water and Condensation On Your Windows?
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Water or frost on the inside of windows is condensation. Condensation forms when warm moist air comes in contact with a cold surface, the same way a cold beverage will "sweat" on a warm day. The inside of your windows "sweat" and drip with condensation because the inside of your home has warm moist air and the window frames and glass are cold from outside temperatures.

"Aluminum Frame Windows are highly susceptible to condensation, weeping, sweating and dripping because they are extremely poor insulators and excellent conductors!"

Condensation on your windows is a sure sign you are losing massive amounts of money through your windows. Cold window surfaces cause drafts, mold, mildew, high heat bills and an uncomfortable room.

failed metal foggy window condensation repairSigns You May Have A Window Condensation Problem
  • When your kids make drippy smiley faces on the windows
  • Staining or discoloration on the windows sills
  • Soft, mushy or flaking drywall around the window frame and sill
  • Peeling paint around windows
  • Foggy, wet or dripping condensation inside the window panes (indicates window seal failure)
  • Window frames are damp to the touch, have water beading on the metal
  • Water keeps puddling on your window sills (if it's only one window, it's more likely a leak)
  • Black mold or mildew growing on the windows, frames and window sill

Why Its Important to Eliminate Window Condensation
  • Window condensation promotes the growth of mold and mildew - which can be extremely difficult to eradicate once begun and can cause health problems especially for the young or old
  • Window condensation and sweating causes damage in the form of wood rot, dry rot, peeling paint, warping of window sills, staining and discoloration. If not eliminated, the rot and damage can quickly cause extensive and expensive damage.
  • Cold wet windows create cold drafty rooms...brrrr!
  • Closing drapes to reduce the chill traps moisture next to the wall and window sill - which simply fosters increased mold, mildew, sill rot and damage.

replacement vinyl windows seattle waTwo Ways To Fix Window Condensation
There are two basic solutions to solve your wet window condensation problem: 
  1. Reduce the level of humidity inside your home. Install fans, dehumidifiers and identify the key humidity causes in your home (bathrooms, kitchens) and correct them. This solution is only half the battle, however. If you have aluminum or metal windows, old double pane or single pane windows, you will not be able to reduce the humidity enough to eliminate all condensation or sweating. 
  2. Give us a call! We are experts in the repair and elimination of aluminum double pane window condensation. In other words, "we wepair weeping windows!" We can replace your old inefficient leaky aluminum windows with quiet, warm and energy efficient vinyl windows. You never need to have wet, foggy windows again.
"New vinyl windows add beauty, warmth 
and comfort to your home."

Why New Windows Are Not Just About Eliminating Condensation
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When you upgrade your old, cold, drafty aluminum frame windows, you are literally transforming your home on multiple levels. And you have many choices to make that transformation do far more than just eliminate sweating condensation! Here is a list of the best reasons to talk to Window Defoggers about installing new vinyl (or wood or fiberglass) windows in your home today!

  • Quieter Home - vinyl windows greatly reduce noise levels from outside the home. At Window Defoggers we can even do that one better by specifically changing glass thicknesses and adding Argon to virtually eliminate road traffic and neighborhood noise!
  • Warmer Home - new replacement vinyl windows are significantly more air tight and less prone to creating drafts due to less conductivity, better seals, double pane glass, Low-e and Argon gas.
  • Reduced Heat Bills - vinyl replacement windows save you money on your heating and air conditioning bill every month with modern Low-e coatings, thicker vinyl core windows and much more. 
  • No More Cold, Drafty Rooms - old aluminum metal frame windows are notoriously awful at not sealing tightly. With loose seals, no low-e, thin or non-existent double pane glass, they have no insulating ability. Drafts are created by loosely fitting windows and doors, as well as cold glass/frames cooling the air next to the window so that the cooler air sinks to the floor, creating cold feet and cold spots in rooms.
  • Bella View - There's a beautiful world out there that you've been missing out on due to foggy, sweating, leaky, condensation covered window glass! With new windows you can pull back the drapes and let in the light without worrying about drafts or heat loss. 
  • Increased Home Value - Ask any real estate agent and they'll tell you that after upgraded kitchen and baths, new windows significantly increase curb appeal, home values and sell-ability. No one wants a home with old, ugly, dated windows.  
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