Tacoma Power Window Rebate

Tacoma Residents
If you live in the Tacoma area and you receive power from Tacoma Power, you may be eligible for a retrofit window replacement rebate! Below is an excerpt of the relevant information from Tacoma Power's website. Highlights are provided by us to point out the pertinent points. To see the full text and rebate program offered by Tacoma Power, please click their logo at right.

Your inefficient home may be costing you money. Tacoma Power can help you pay for and install efficient replacement windows, insulation and duct sealing so you can start saving energy and money, and increase the comfort and value of your home.

We can help pay for the work
Tacoma Power offers rebates, zero-interest loans and grants to help you pay for the changes.
  • Tacoma Power will pay up to $3,450 when you insulate your ceilings, floors and walls and seal your heating air ducts.
  • Tacoma Power will pay up to $1,000 when you replace your inefficient windows.
  • In most cases, any remaining cost can be financed with a seven-year, zero-interest loan.
  • Qualifying low-income customers are eligible for a grant that typically covers the entire cost of new windows and insulation.
You can participate in the weatherization program if you're a Tacoma Power customer, your home is electrically heated and was built before 1988. To qualify for new windows, your home must be fully insulated.

If your home has a historical designation or you live in a historic district, you may need a permit to complete your weatherization project. Click here to find out if your home fits into either of those categories, or contact the city or county in which you live.

Or, if you're renting an apartment, let your landlord or property manager know about rebates available to them and encourage them to learn more. Rebates for multifamily properties apply to existing electrically heated multifamily buildings built before 1988 that are less than four stories in height and contain five or more dwelling units.

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