Wood Window Repair and Replacement

Rotting wood windows? Seals failing? Hazy, foggy windows? 
Weathervane and Pozzi wood windows were the preferred windows installed by developers in the housing boom of the 80's and 90's when Woodinville, Redmond, Sammamish, Issaquah, Bellevue and Seattle grew practically overnight. By now, wood rot, seal failure and normal weathering have taken their toll. If your double pane wood windows are approaching 20 years of age, they have reached the end of their lifespan.

The first signs of seal failure are condensation between the panes of glass or a blue hazing. Wood rot is sometimes present (due to the pine wood used in early wood windows), particularly for those window sets that were placed on the brick facings. This is especially true for Weathervane Wood Windows and Pozzi Wood Windows. The good news is that you have three options to choose from, listed from most expensive to least.
  • Full Window Replacement
  • Sash Replacement Only
  • Glass Replacement Only
We pride ourselves on being wood window specialists. As a window contractor, we have repaired or replaced many thousands of wood windows throughout the Seattle and Eastside area, from Redmond to Bellevue, Woodinville to Duval and Sammamish to Issaquah and beyond. 

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Lindal Wood Window Replacement
Window Defoggers is proud to sell and install Lindal Wood Windows. Lindal makes beautiful fir windows in most window configurations, from custom grid patterns to true wood divided lites. Lindal windows are available as Casements, Awning Vents, Sliders, Double Hungs, Picture Windows and nearly any custom combination thereof.  

Bay & Bow Windows
One option to modernize your home's appeal is to upgrade to a Lindal Bay or Bow Window. Our technicians can make it an outstanding feature that will compliment your home. Many options are available.

Lindal Sash Kits
If you have the old rope and pulley type vertical double or single hung wood windows (often painted shut), one cost saving option is replacing just the sash sections, where the existing frame is left intact. The resulting new fir wood window even tilts in for cleaning!

Lindal Sliding Patio Doors
Lindal's patio doors can come in 2, 3 or 4 panel configurations and two profiles: French Rail or Standard version. The French Rails are made from actual French door panels, with individual wood lites. They are French doors in every way...except they slide!

Lindal Garden Wall Windows
Small enough for over the kitchen sink, or big enough (up to ten feet wide) to turn your dining nook into a outdoor garden room. Side awning vents allow for ventilation and Cardinal 366 Low-e keeps the winter heat in and the summer heat out.

Custom Window Replacements
Sometimes you just need a complete different option all together. Lindal Windows and Window Defoggers is up to the challenge! We can design and install exactly what you want and need for any situation. See the two pictures below for an example. 


Window Sash Replacement 
Weathervane Wood Windows and Pozzi Wood Windows come in two distinct types of construction: Wood Stop and Sealed Sash. Wood-stop windows are perfect candidates for glass replacement only.

If the frames of your wood windows are still in good condition (and 90% of the time they are), you may only need glass replacement (see below) or Sash Replacement. Sash Replacement is replacing the glass part of the window along with the wood trim holding the double pane glass. See the picture at right for an example of Sash Replacement only.

Lindal Wood Windows makes an exact match replacement sash for the Weathervane Wood Window sash. Of course, the good news about replacing just the window sash is a lack of construction mess. The interior of your home is undisturbed since the window frames and trim are left intact and untouched.

Learn more about how Window Defoggers does Wood Window glass repair and Sash Replacement.

Glass Replacement in Wood Windows
Weathervane Wood Windows and Pozzi Wood Windows were the two most commonly installed residential windows in the building boom of the 80's and 90's. They come in two distinct types of construction: Wood Stopped and Sealed Sash. While many window contractors and window companies, can do glass replacement in wood-stop window, very few can or will do glass replacement in Sealed Sash wood windows.

Window Defoggers specializes in Sealed Sash replacement and glass replacement! We do more Weathervane Wood Window glass repair and replacements than any other company in the Seattle Metro area.

Click here to learn more about our window glass replacement in Weathervane, Pozzi and wood windows.

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Before Glass Replacement
After Glass Replacement

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